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About Us

My love of cooking began at an early age.  Growing up, we were blessed to spend a lot of time with my maternal grandparents. Every Sunday we would go over for dinner. They had this amazingly huge veggie garden, which allowed them to make everything from scratch with fresh ingredients. We ate seasonally, as things were not as globally available as they are today. Those are some of my fondest memories. 

As a “latch key” kid (look that one up) I was always helping with meal prep while both my parents worked. When I met my high-school sweetheart Dave (Sous Chef & Dishwasher) and we started our life together, I picked right up where my grandparents left off.  We cooked a lot from scratch.  I used a lot of my grandmother’s and mom’s recipes.  Though the girls were not happy I didn’t let them eat “lunchables” or “Mr Noodles” they grew to appreciate that what they had, was far better for them.

Fast forward to our youngest daughter Becca being in University.  Whether she came home or we went to visit, food was always a part of the trip for her and her roommates.  They would always greet me as “mamasim”.  So as time went on and more friends and family asked me to cook for them, the name just came about naturally.

Welcome to Mamasim’s kitchen!


Meal Support for

Busy Lives

Lets face it; life is busy! Many people don’t have the time to pour into creating delicious meals. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to provide ‘meal support for busy lives’. This, of course, means different things to different people. For some, Mamasim provides the most important meal of the day in the form of breakfast burritos, egg cups or quiche. For others, Mamasim satisfies that late night Smoker Snacks fix and all things in between.  


Everything is absolutely delicious! Burrito’s are our breakfast favourite, her biscotti will make you look forward to mornings, and you’ll love the smoker snacks so much you might actually miss the big game! Just a few of the fantastic items created by Mamasim!!

– Jamie (London)

“Mamasim is a staple in our lives. From cottage weekends to birthday parties, no gathering of ours is complete without spicy smoker snacks and buffalo chicken dip. Thanks for making menu planning easy with delicious options that everyone can get excited about!”

– Christine R.

“Mamasim has catered several events for us, and as an Event Planner, finding the right caterer can be difficult. Particularily, if you want a variety of healthy and delcious options. I am overjoyed to have found Mamasim. I can trust they’ll deliver! My expereiences with Mamasim have been excellent and seamless from start to finish. If you’re looking for an exceptional catering experience, combining great taste with good health and offerings, then try Mamasim.”

– Krista Dempsey (PCCA)

“Where do I start? Her meals have been a lifesaver for me when my husband is out of town. We’ve ordered for friends, milestone birthday parties, lunch for work and family when you just want to take something along when heading for a visit. Her Tuscan Chicken Lasagna is to die for along with smoker snacks and southwest egg rolls. I could talk to this sweet lady for hours. Best ever!!”
– Sue M.

Excellent food, great response time for messages. High quality ingredients, very accomodating for special requests.

– Mary (London)

“We have not had one bad thing from Mamasim yet. Seriously, we have been back a few times now and have tried many different dishes and it has all been absolutely amazing – even our picky toddler will eat anything served from here. Do yourself a favour and try it!!”
– Kristen H.

“Haven’t been disappointed in anything I’ve purchased, highly recommend.”
– TL Higgins