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Meal support, best describes what we do! We offer prepared meals, snacks, desserts, small catering and more. See below for a list our many services, and head to the MENU/ORDER page to order now. 

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A combination of featured protein, scrambled eggs, tex mex cheese, chopped kale, sweet peppers & onions with our special spice blend wrapped in a flour or whole grain tortilla. XL & Reg sizes

Egg Cups

These make for a quick heat up, full of delicious veggies & optional protein.  Each week is a different feature with the option of making it vegetarian or add protein.  Available in quantities of 6.

Keto-friendly and Gluten Free


Available in a delicious 9" flaky pastry or Gluten Free.  We are open to custom orders based on availability of ingredients.  Weekly Feature offered.

Meal Support

Meal Support for Busy Lives is the tagline we chose for our business as it best describes what we do. 

“Busy” is different for everyone. Working from home since covid doesn’t just mean just lounging in pjs all day, it often means work doesn’t have a defined start / stop.
With new routines, comes new stressers , so whatever makes you busy is what we hope to help you with.

Prepared Meals

We offer prepared meals in a variety of different ways:

Mix & Match Meals – pick your favourite protein off the smoker and sides for a quick and easy dinner for one or more people. 

Soups & Stews – pick from a wide variety 

One-Pan Meals – everything you need for a delicious meal, all in one pan, like a Lasagna or Shepherds Pie.


Snacks & Apps

Smoker Snacks are a Mamasim original, available in spicy and southwest flavour

Dips are made fresh to order with 48 hours notice needed


Sweets & Treats

Cocktail Cupcake – your favourite cocktail turned into a cupcake!

We specialize in unique desserts like our skor bars, sticky toffee pudding, biscotti and seasonal favourites. All made fresh to order! 

Small Event Catering

Birthday brunch, working lunch, dinner parties and more, we want to hear from you to customize a special menu for your event.


We all run into busy periods. 

Sometimes it is seasonal and sometimes it is due to a change in staffing. 

Give us a call to find out how we can support your business.

Sidetrack Cafe

Find our signature breakfast burritos and egg cups at Sidetrack Cafe in Wortley Village!